Friday, November 19, 2010

I'm Floored.

The past two days have been spent stacking piling and pushing funiture aside so that our new wood floors can be installed. Two kids, two dogs, two big people, trying to navigate around construction and still 'live' there has been interesting. I will say my biggest fear with this particular project was how in the world they would match our existing wood floors to the new wood floors....this is where I was really holding my breathe. TWWWWALLLLA! A perfect match! Today when we get home the downstairs should be complete so that we can start the clean up, move stuff back into place project. Tomorrow the team will be laying wood upstairs in the hallway and then Monday new carpets on the stairs and then DONE! It's a messy job, but it will be worth it. Some funny things we have noticed: the carpet muffled sound in our's even louder now! This comes in handy when I am singing at the top of my lungs and the echo sounds so cool, but not so lucky when two kids are talking over each other.... anther thing, the dogs pissing playground has now been tossed, REALLY hope they can pick up on potty training with the smell gone and a re-focused mom and dad training them. Speaking of dogs, everything was in such array last night, at one point we couldn't 'find' Zippy....we looked and looked and looked. I thought maybe he was outside or had been swallowed up by the stuff we had piled high in every corner of the house. Nope----I found him sitting inside the car in the garage with the doors one remembers him outside and by the way this is the 2nd time in a week I have found him in the car like this.....crazy dog.

I am excited to decorate this year with my new wood floors!