Monday, May 24, 2010

Goodbye Kermit

I woke up last night about 1:30 and my legs felt like someone had beaten me. They were cramping so badly that I must have been sweating pretty hard in my sleep b/c I woke up in terrible pain and soaking wet. I went downstairs to pop ibuprofen and get something to drink. I wasn't really that concerned b/c 1.) I had worked out a lot and done a ton of lungs, and then the next day really pushed myself hard again. Bottom line was my eletrolytes were way out of balance and that was causing my legs to cramp like I had been shot. (I have not been shot, thank goodness, so perhaps they didn't hurt that bad---but bad enough). I couldn't sleep. I was up and down for the next 2-3 hours, and then somehow the motrin took over and I slept. I am a little draggy today.

It was a great weekend other than that and the frog homicide, yeah that's right, there was a straight up frog murder at appr. 3:25p.m. central standard time at the home of Rice Family. Dan and the kids trecked over to the clubhouse pool and I did my thing, cleaning up, etc. I went out to the garage to sweep it out and I picked up a damp clothe and a little kermit the frog jumped straight at me. (Not a huge frog fan, so I yelled something). Then I thought,,,hey it's just a little frog, and the kids would LOVE to see it. So I trapped it with a cup. The adventure scientists (or so they have called themselves) came home and were fighting for a few minutes of holding the frog. Yuck, but whatever. Tatum of course, using her vet like skills, actually was rubbing the frog's belly and the frog shut it's eyes like "AWEEEEE."

Dalton then grabbed the poor little thing, and I told him NOT to squeeze it, etc. Tatum decided it best to let little frog jump back to his family, etc. Great idea. So she ever so delicately put 'frog' down into the grass. Dalton scooped him up and pulled his arm back like he was going to throw him. I yell..U BETTER NOT! So he gently lays 'frog' on the ground. And then steps on him.

It's kinda a blur after that. Tatum bellows how horrible this vicious act was... and how, and I quote "Dalton you just don't have an appreciation for small animals like me!!" Dan points the frog killer to his room as he walks head down passed all of us. I just could not believe that. He has for the last couple months been on a 'bad bug' stomping spree. Fine. Kill the june bugs, and nasty beetles, etc. but not a poor wee little frog, who, and I just couldn't stop thinking of The Princess and the Frog, had unfortunately been in the wrong yard at the wrong time. R.I.P. little frog. Sorry about that, if I would have known that Jeffrey Dahmer would have unleashed his wild side, I would have never captured you for 'adventure science' purposes.

Dalton promises to keep his stomping to only 'bad bugs.'

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Dalton's Big Adventure

I have bittersweet memories of going to the dentist. I loved my dentist growing up, he was so great and always made 'the worst of cavities' seem not bad to us. Today I took Dalton Patrick to the dentist. This might be the only child in the WORLD that gets totally pumped for the dentist. He loves to floss his teeth, take the x-rays, and, in the end, proudly beam with pride as Dr. Scott says "no cavities and WOW, what a great job with that flossing!" Today was no different. He proudly walked in the door (board shorts and spikey hair), and announced "I LOVE THIS PLACE!" There were no less than a dozen kids sitting in there, most of which had a terrified look on their face. Skipping ahead, when we were all done at the dentist, I promised him a happy meal at McD's. So we sat down to his lunch and there were 3 older gentlemen sitting behind us. I would say easily in their late 80's and older. They were talking SO LOUD that after about 10 minutes I could see people getting up and actually leaving. I know they can't hear, but I mean they were REALLY loud. Dalton kept looking over my shoulder and I knew at some point he was going to say something, because he too was trying to talk about the 'new Shrek movie' and the old folks were so loud I could barely hear him. He looked at me finally and said, "MOMMY what is the DEEAAAALLL? Why are those old Papas yelling everything they SAY???!!!!"

Of course this evoked laughter from the others in the crowd that CAN hear. Luckily the three fellas behind us did NOT hear Dalton make this annoucement. I am not being mean, I will probably be there someday too, yelling just to hear myself. Wait a minute, I do that already at home :)

Monday, May 17, 2010


If you know me at all, you know that I suffer from bouts of OCD. Now, I don't wash my hands 50 times, or knock 5 times before I enter a room, etc. but I do have some serious issues when I feel things in my life are out of control. Or maybe just out of MY control. Yes, I am a little bit of a control freak. I can't STAND when my house is a disaster---it drives me bonkers. I realized this weekend that my Explorer looked like I had been living out of it for weeks. There was a massive bag of clothes intended for drycleaning, donut covered child seats, and dirt and crap from all the tables and chairs we hauled last week for Tatum's party. Okay, so my point is I woke up Saturday and it was time, once again to do some organizing. Dan helped with the closet under the staircase. He is very patient and can tackle the really REALLY big messes. I usually get overwhelmed and use inappropriate words (bad bad, I know). I hit the kids closets. Honestly am I raising fashion super stars? The kids have more clothes and shoes than Carrie Bradshaw! Then, I did the REALLY OCD thing. My closet is pretty big, but there is just no more room left for all my clothes and shoes. So I started to purge some of it. Then I organized my shoes by color and style: Boots, sandals, heels, casual, and then by color.....
Next up was the kids toys. Dinosaurs go in one bin, barbies go in another, jungle animals need their own space too! I still have more to go, but I think I have come to grips with what all this 'organizing' means.......garage sale......

Friday, May 7, 2010

Sonic's got it...and the other ones JUST DON'T

It was appr. 9:45 last I sat there finishing my tivo'd Grey's Anatomy (I am behind on episodes), and it just hit me. One savory bite of a double cheeseburger and tots from Sonic. Just. One. Bite. I started to beg and plead and offer up promises to Dan. I have to have that burger bite....or 5. He must really like me. At almost 10:10 P.M. I took one long loving look at probably one of the worst and most unhealthy things I have ever consumed and I attacked like a T Rex. 4 bites after this I pushed it away to Dan. Then I really went overboard. I took out those crisy in all the right places tots and used those little ketchup packets and.....well........I ate like a total fatty. I am having a little 'eaters remorse' today, but decided that after how many grilled chicken this, and tilapia that, sometimes you just need some Sonic burger.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Happy Birthday Tatum Brynn

Yesterday my sweet baby girl turned 7. How is that even possible? I was just holding her yesterday it seems like and now I have this amazing little lady. We had a good weekend. Saturday Tatum and I went to my cousin's wedding shower. Tatum looked adorable in her new summer dress from Gymboree and matching shorts underneath (you never know when you might need to do a cartwheel!) and bows. After that she and grandma went shopping and picked up some other summer time fun clothes. Nana hooked her up too with some precious little summer dresses and some $$$ for her Kangaroo Account at the bank. We had a nice lunch after church and the kids played and we headed back home. I wanted to swing by Lowe's and pick up some plants for the front porch area. Dalton helped me pot the plants, and they turned out great! Then we to see how our little garden is doing and sure enough----it's really coming along!!! I see some serious lettuce coming in. I am a dork, but I am loving the idea of growing our own herbs and veggies.

This week is a busy one.....aren't most of them??!!! I will get some new pics posted up here asap.