Friday, May 29, 2009

We Need a Costco

Listen, Walmart has great deals, I know that. You can't beat the rollback prices going on up in there. Chicken breasts on sale....your favorite dishwashing liquid.....skips for the kids, YES YES YES!!!! But I need a change of scenery. Last Sunday I was shopping and I started noticing some of my fellow shoppers and their "fashion choices." Hey, I usually look pretty casual and even a little rough for me when I am at walmart, but there were some folks there that were downright SCARY looking. I walked by two guys in the baking isle that smelled like weed (perhaps they needed a snack).......but really the highlight is when the weather gets warm and the ladies break out the ultra tight ultra short shorts. Big mamas....YIKES!!! Listen, I am not trying to be mean, I am not Sarah Jessica either, but perhaps I need a change of venue. THIS IS WHERE COSTCO comes in. Have you ever been? It's like Sam's but even better. They have it all. I love it.

I am excited for summer and to try out some new recipes. I have always loved to cook, but the last couple years, I am really really enjoying it. It's so fun to come up with new things. I really like to cook for friends too, so come on over and let's eat!!!

One more funny thing to add. Saturday morning Dan and I are sleeping and Tatum is up blarrrrrrrring the Phantom of the Opera from her room, so I guess we weren't REALLY sleeping if I can remember that, but anyway. This goes on for about 30 minutes (so keep that in mind while you are picturing this), I open my eyes to see Dalton is full Batman costume standing inches from us just starring at us while the MUSIC of THE NIGHT is playing even louder now. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After a little shock, I thought how did he get all this on? Then again, he is a super hero, don't ask don't tell.

Tomorrow Dan is going on a fishing trip with my brother and my cousin Alex, just the boys. So it will just be me and cheech and chong. I think we might go to Silver Dollar City, we have season passes. Then it's telethon weekend so I will work most of Sunday doing that and then Dan leaves for the entire week. I think he is going to Canada and then to LA for work....

Have a great weekend!!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Taco Bell

Imagine if someone asked you where you wanted to go to dinner and the FIRST thing that popped in your head was "Taco Bell." It was just the kids and me last night and so I thought it would be good to grab something quick. But when you are 6 and 3, going INSIDE the "lunch place" (which is what they call every restaurant) is really the ringer. Now cheech and chong weren't exactly on the BEST behavior right at the Taco Bell deciding moment. There was a finger that got bitten, a water bottle was tipped over and so there were wet eyes and some serious threats from mom to 'TURN THIS CAR AROUND AND GO HOOOME'

So there was a five minute stretch of 'good' and we parked and went inside. Well, immediately the kids were overtaken by that fantastic bouquet of smells that hits your nose. The meat and cheese, and sauce, OH MY!!! They went over to a booth as I ordered. Dalton stood up and eh hem, LOUDLY said, "HEY MOMMY, PROBABLY I WILL HAVE A REAL-YEE BIG SPRITE, OKAY?


They get their soft tacos and cinnamon twists.

Tatum: "I really like these tacos, they are so yummy. I take a big bite and I go YUUUUUUMMMM (that was too loud, so I shhh her) she makes a face at me, I say don't be disrespectful, she says I'm not, I just like to joke with you,,,, Sorry kid, I wrote the book on this stuff, you can't fool me. She then looks lovingly at me and says, "I really love your shirt mommy, it's so pretty"

I say, OH THANK YOU I GOT IT ON SALE, etc. etc. etc. she is already looking around poking Dalton she could care less.

Tatum: 100
Mommy: 0

They finish and D man is COVERED in sugar and cinnamon. How can you NOT love the Taco Bell.

Patience is a virtue.........

At Least I ADMIT IT. I have NO Problem admiting my MANY faults. (Trust me, I know some people that are pretty darn perfect, just ask them). If you know me at all, you know I suffer from a mild case of OCD. I say mild, because in all seriousness, I don't wash my hands 155 times a day, etc. But there are some things that I have to have. I want my house to be clean. And if you have a problem with it then FINE!!!! I can be irrational about it, and I know it. It just makes me feel better. It all comes down to a control issue. I like control. I am MUCH better in many ways than I used to be, and I am so medicated I can barely walk-------hahahahahaha. I'm kidding okay?

Alright, so what's the point in all this crap right? For one thing, I HONESTLY LOVE/HATE technology, which most of us do I think. But for the last few nights I haven't been able to upload Tatum's pictures from her party, mostly because I think my 3 year old computer is SOOOOOOO outdated, blah blah blah. Anyway, I have said some things I am ashamed of to Mr. Computer. Like WHAT IS GOING ON HERE YOU STUPID THING??? WHY IS THIS TAKING SOOOO LONG????? I just got a letter from AARP!!!!!!! Your SCREEN IS ALWAYS SMEARED AND GROSS!!! Then I just turn it off, ha. That'll teach the stupid computer :)


Buttons is adorable, as you can tell if you have seen her. She is cute, she runs all over, her little body is so long that when she walks, her butt kinda goes to one side. It's funny. She loves to fetch, she loves to play.....AND SHE ALSO LOOOOVVVESSS VICTORIA'S SECRET PANTIES......THE NICE ONES. No cotton ones, ONLY THE BEST FOR THE WIENER DOG. What might you ask? How can this be? Victoria's secret doesn't even MAKE under pants small enough right??!!! Let me explain: Buttons has been going into the laundry room, taking the clean underwear and chewing a hole through them so they fall apart.


Then there is the potty training. Someone PLEASE help me with this. She is at MAYBE 50%...maybe. And when she is outside, does she follow directions?? NO! I have told her time and time again, do NOT go in the street, it's dangerous, there are cars and big dogs, etc. out there. oooo Buttons, Buttons, it's a Wild World. She still does it.

We still adore her. She is SO good with the kids. She sleeps part of the night every night with Tatum. She lets me rap and make her dance to my rapping while T & D howl with laughter. She never bites, growls ( unless there is a stranger at the door), or anything like that. She is very calm, so we are lucky in most ways. But she owes me 8 pairs of underwear.

Tatum's last day of Kindergarten was yesterday. HOW IS THAT Possible?? She is such a big girl. She brought home her journal that they kept all year, and WOW, what amazing changes she has made. You couldn't read her entries well in the beginning, but at the end they are so great. In fact, I am certain she can speak and write better than people that work in my building. As I have posted before she is obsessed with musicals, especially Phantom of the Opera. The child goes to sleep every night with the score playing LOUDLY in her room. Ok. I love it too, but we are REALLY taking "The Music of the Night" to another level,,,,hello kitty stereo and all.

Enough for now.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tatum turned 6.....

So, my little diva turned 6. She has loved horses since she was 2, and so I had to come up with SOMETHING that would be great. Enter the miniature horses and tons of friends and family. We decorated our clubhouse and it was awesome. Two mini ponies, and pizza and cake, tons of gifts and you have a VERY happy 6 year old. Mama was tired, but it was worth it. I have to say I feel pretty proud to have pulled it off, and ALSO that the weather wasn't bad. This time of year it could be raining at any time of the day. See the pics.

Tatum's last day of kindergarten is tomorrow. I really can't believe it. WHERE does the time go? She is incredibly smart and funny, (of course), and is just the coolest little person ever.

Now Dalton. Dude. He has the 'Edward from Twilight hair' going for him. The "HEY LADIES" thing going for him and he also is 3. So that means he is WILD. But he and his mom are going to have a "date" in the next week of so, SO he is excited.

I have to admit that I am re-reading the Twilight Series again. I don't know why, except I guess it turns out I am a 17 year old girl. See my facebook page, my friend Dave photoshoped my face into the 2009 New Moon promo, and it's hysterical. I feel so cute :)

Work is steady. Dan is going to be out of town MOST of June so that will be interesting.

Things I should be proud of, or ashamed of:

Tatum had her last meeting tonight for her Girl Scout Daisy Group. Look, I am busy and I can't be Betty Crocker all the time, but I try. One of the things that Tatum was supposed to learn was the girl scout law. All the girls have been learning this all year. And, well, I forgot okay? So last night Dan and I gave her the "college cram session" on the law and all be &^%$ if she didn't learn that thing inside and out in an hour. Tonight she smoked everyone on it. SO proud.

I guess it's time to post pics and go back to my Twight Series Books. I can't wait for prom :)

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Just a Bunch of stuff......

I seriously can't believe it's already May. Where does the time go? Tatum turned 6 last weekend, but the huge bash isn't until this Saturday (please no rain)!!! I have a LOT of work to do on her party, so I need to get focused on that. I need to clean the clubhouse, clean MY house, and do some other things and we should be set to go!

It's been pretty rainy here, and sometimes chilly, so I haven't had the desire to get out and plant much yet, where is the SUN!!!?????? Last Friday and Saturday I had a garage sale, well we had a neighborhood sale, and it went pretty well. Except that it takes a lot of time and energy and I always feel like I open the garage door and suddenly I am in Tijuana... (not what you are thinking!!) more like I am having people bargaining with me. Dude the shirt is $1, but fine yes, take it for 50 cents, it's cool. Well, I realized that after the garage sale, I really had so much more stuff I needed to get rid of but oh well.

Last Saturday night the kids went to G-ma's for the night and Dan and I went to dinner with our friends Katie and Ron, they just moved here from OKC, and we are so excited to have them here! We went to Kai downtown, and then to Bubbles, it was a lot of fun. Of course, we were home at a VERY reasonable time, (old) !!!!

One last thing, Tatum told me the other day that she would like to 'un-invite' these two little boys in her class thank you very much...... I am not really sure what went down, she was pretty coy about the whole thing, but either way I told her we could not un-invite them, this of course did not sit well and there were some grumbles:

"I don't know WHY I even sent them one"

"I don't even think they will BE in my class next year"

"so in so isn't as FAST as I am when we run at recess"

I can't leave Dalton out. His passion is dressing in his spiderman, batman, fireman, policeman, doctor etc. outfits. Last night, he was 'Dr. Dalton' and he had his bag of tricks out. I was of course a VERY sick lady. The rug in the play room also doubles as a patient bed. So I lie down and I am saying, "Dr. Dalton I am so sick, I really really need some help."
He is so serious, checking my blood pressure, listening to my heart, etc. He would say, "ah,,,,good" and " you are better now." Well then I started to make my move, I said Dr. Dalton if I had some kisses I think I would feel so much better. He ignored me until I finally got two or three big juicy ones on the lips. He wiped them off very nonchalant and told me that I was going to need MANY shots, so I needed to "Be brave of this"

I am recovering just fine, and if anyone needs a great doctor I have his number.