Friday, November 27, 2009

Sit back and be happy...........

I am at work today. Taking a little break from the ty cards I was writing to committee members, and since NO ONE is working in this whole building (the day after Thanksgiving) but me and some girls here, it's quiet to say the least. My phone rang three times, Dan 2 times and the wrong number once, so I thought I would jump on and write a few things down.

Life can be so stressful; we get caught up in buying all this stuff for Christmas, and keeping up with the next guy and I just don't think we (including myself at the top of this list), just sit back and think about how lucky we are. I am truly blessed. I have two amazingly smart, healthy, wonderful, beautiful children, a husband who adores me, and would do anything for his family, and my extended family too, whom I love very much. I also have friends that are TRUE friends. They aren't about appearances, they are loyal, dependable and wonderful all the way around.

Last but not least, I have God. I know he is there, but sometimes when life gets to be too much, I seem to forget he also loves me, is loyal, dependable and wonderful all the way around.
This Thanksgiving I am thankful for all these people in my life who make me a better person, and a God who has compassion and love for all of us and who sacrificed the most precious thing, his Son for all of us.

Here is to a Happy, healthy holiday to you all. May you sit back and be happy.......................

Monday, November 23, 2009

Toe-tally unexpected

Tatum was getting dressed for gymnastics the other day and didn't have her shoes or socks on, she opened the door and the massive door sliced her second toe on her right foot very badly, I thought the toe nail was off, it was black almost immediately and I though for sure the toe was broken. She bled all over the place and I picked her up and ran out to the car with her and over to pediatric urgent care. 3.5 hours later the radiologist FINALLY got around to reading the x-ray and she had no breaks; Dan took her by mcdonald's (she was starving), and home. I really thought the worst part would be the cleaning of the toe, bandaging it, and all of that. But she was such a trooper, she stuck her foot in the water and was really great about it all. I stayed home with her on Monday, I was just worried about it, she didn't wear a shoe for 3 days and today wore flip flops!

The one thing that is great is that since she had to sit around so much, it gave her ample time to write Santa Claus numerous letters......for her and on behalf of her little brother.

She wants a nintendo DS, and she is adament about that......along with 10 other things, at least.

Dalton would love a Castle Gray Skull and something else and lizard man, and a 'rideable cow'

I tried to explain that Santa doesn't bring everything, I even told Tatum that the DS is pretty expensive and she smiled and said 'THAT IS the GREAT thing, you don't have to worry about it, Santa will take care of it"

Uh huh. Same thing with the Castle Gray Skull, which hasn't been made since 1987, alas not to worry mom, Santa has some pretty crafty elves on his team and they can make "anything mommy, ANYTHING"

Uh huh. Shhhhewwww, I am glad Santa has all these connections and knows how to get the best stuff around.

P.S. I tried to take a picture of the toe, but she told me absolutely NOT, I would NOT take a picture of her toe, so do NOT even try. I don't like to be threatened and she meant business so no pictures were taken, but let's just say it wasn't pretty.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

There's a New Moon tonight

I did this with Lord of the Rings; I knew that for 4 consecutive years, in December, a new Lord of the Rings movie would come out. It was exciting. Now, I would NEVER compare Tolkien to The Twilight Series author Stephanie Meyer, but move over Harry Potter, the vampires are in TOWN.

It's addicting. Sure, the fan base it mostly female, and I will admit that the romance crap out there, lovey dovey...kissy huggy movies are not my top pick. BUT....mix some hot vampires, a few werewolves in there and you have a recipe for success. It's hard to not get caught up in the poor girl in love with a vampire who struggles to protect her, whilst also trying desperately NOT to kill her...then he leaves her....she is hollow....clings to new guy friend (werewolf---and hot), then werewolf falls for her, and OH MY WORD she finds herself in a bloodsucking hairy love triangle. SIGN.ME.UP.

Movie #2 (New Moon) opens tomorrow night. I sure hope there are some tickets left for the weekend because I have seen the trailer several times and SQQUUUEEALLLLL....I am pumped.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Back, from a long absense

It has been far too long since I have posted on our blog. No great excuses, just that I am so busy I do not know which end is up....

Everyone seems to be doing well in the House of Rice. Wait! Well, I guess anyone who reads this already knows this, but Dan got a new job with Jack Henry, an awesome company with their home office here. He is now 'corporate consel' it's exciting. He now wears jeans every day to work, had better hours and makes more $$$.....pretty cool all the way around.

We are also coaching, and I say that term loosely, Dalton's indoor soccer team. 5 girls and 3 boys, 3 & 4 years, old, it's a riot, although Dalton seems to not be that into it. I have no idea why, he is bigger stronger and faster than all of them, but unless he is playing goalie, he's not happy.

My brain is fried, and tired. This week beat me up and tossed me around, so I am MORE than happy to welcome the weekend!

The only thing that is freaking me out is Christmas. I love it, the decor, the food, the festivities, etc. what I do not like is the stress of some parts of it, but for whatever reason, I do not feel like it is 6 weeks away, and lo and behold it IS. I have NO idea what to do for the kids, NO idea.
I will figure something out, I always do.

Happy weekend to everyone.