Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Like not Love

I seem to mostly post about Tatum and Dalton; to the four people who ever read this, I am sure you don't mind too much, since you probably think they are cool little people like I do. Tatum has been such a big girl lately. We did have an incident last week. She has been asking to wear dresses to school, she is fixing her hair, and wearing her wedge flip flops, (because they are closer to heels then anything she has)......and it's all over a boy. Named Eric. That's all we know. Oh, and she wrote on the dry erase board "I love Eric....." we told her no, she only loved her family, she liked her friend. So she changed it to "I like Eric." Much better. I am in the process of doing a background check on him. Little bugger was born, appr. 2003, hasn't dated much, still lives at home, can ride a bike without training wheels, and has almost mastered shoe string tying......interesting. *By the way, I am kidding about everything except his name :)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Deep Thoughts........

Dalton is quite a little man. He is very smart and very funny. He has been called impish by so many people. His imagination (along with Tatum's).....I am in awe of, not to mention his tireless energy. So after school the other day I took him to get take out. As we waited for our food, he sat up on the high bar stools and put his little face in his hands. I asked him what he was thinking about and the conversation went like this......................

L: kiss kiss kiss.... "What are you thinking about little D?"

D: "Well, it's a secret."

L: "But I am your best friend."

D: nothing.....

L: I cleared my throat and made a funny face...."Mama is your best friend you can tell me a secret."

D: Well, ok. Tell me, if Superman and Batman are both good guys, and they can both fly, then why IN THE WORLD, does batman have to wear a mask and superman doesn't.

L: Well, knock me off the stool and call me spanky, that is a GREAT QUESTION.

L: "Honey, I will have to really think about it, that is a great question."

D: "I know, Grant and Sylas and Ethan want to know too" (there are the cool kids in the sunshine class).

The unanswered questions hovered over us until the chef showed us how he made Dalton's brick oven pizza, and the 'inequality of super heroes question' seemed to be forgotten, for now anyway.

What a wonderful place to be. A place in your head, where you are truly concentrating on Batman and Superman's differences. Awesome.

By the way, he is a great date, never ends up paying for anything, but he knows how to have a great time. And he loves older women, lucky for me :)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

25 things about me, you probably could care less about......

I know that I am on an island BY myself when it comes to one thing: I do not LOVE summer. It seems that saying that around here is about as dangerous as putting an Obama sticker on your car in rural Arkansas. But it is what it is. I have never been a sun worshipping chick, probably because I usually have darker skin year round then most people I know, a bonus. But at the end of the day, I just don't seem to fit in with the hot sweaty summer lovin crowd. Don't get me wrong I love nice weather, but the four+ months of nasty hot MO weather with bugs and flies and mosquitos, yuck yuck yuck.

I crave fall weather. I just love it. It seems like the air is cleaner somehow. I have no idea why I felt the need to rant on about that, except I keep getting these '25 things about Me' emails from my friends, and I thought I would post mine. Here is goes:

1.) I gained 76 pounds when I was pregnant with Tatum and 53 with Dalton. Girl you HUGE.
2.) I am terrified of revolving doors and staircases that are very long. Both of which I have fallen in or on and it hurt. Badly.
3.) When I was little my grandpa told us the coolest stories,,,,and I also thought my grandparents were rich because they ALWAYS had the strawberry pop tarts with the frosting.
4.) I used to be so bummed that I didn't have blue eyes and blonde hair. I am totally okay with it now that I am older, I accept myself the way I am.
5.) I don't like chocolate, and I LOVE to cook.
6.) I could eat sushi every day.
7.) I am fiercly loyal to my family and friends.
9.) If I could still have my family just like it is, I would have gone to medical school. Who googles surgeries at the Mayo Clinic in their down time?
10.) Trust me, I know just about every lyric to every song. Ever. And I will sing it to you, just ask me.
11.) I want a tattoo, but I don't have one.
12.) I had a pet chicken growing up named Gwen that I used to bring in the house and hold in a dish towel like a baby. I have pictures to prove it.
13.) I was on a Children's TV show called Romper Room.
14.) When I was 5 I had incephalitis, and for all practical purposes should have not made it, but I did, and I am so grateful for that.
15.) At my 8th grade birthday party, I had my first kiss with my boyfriend named Billy. This isn't interesting except my parents saw the whole thing, and I was traumatized for a long time.
*Billy ran home that night. Literally ran all the way home.
16.) I want bigger boobs, they left after kids never to be seen again.
17.) I can't roller skate. I can roller blade but not the old fashioned kind, they scare me.
18.) I was PLATINUM blonde the summer of 1999.
19.) I think..I know I can be intimidating to people sometimes.
20.) If someone has the hook up, it's usually me.
21.) I still want my mom to be proud of me.
22.) I have really flat feet but they are still cute.
23.) If I know you, I know when your birthday is, I have it memorized.
24.) Diet Cherry Dr. Pepper is the most amazing product of 2009.
25.) I will take a scary movie over romantic comedies any day of the week.

I look at this list and think, who really cares? Why did I write this? Oh well, now you know how weird I really am :)