Monday, April 27, 2009

7 Year Itch......

Ahhhh, but it feels so good!!! I will be the first to say Happy 7th Anniversary today to my wonderful husband Dan!!!! Yup, 7 years ago today. Honestly, so so so so much has happened in that amount of time. Two of those things are Miss Tatum Brynn (who will be 6 this Saturday!) and Mr. Dalton Patrick who is 3, but is already a lady killer.

Dan and I went to St. Louis this weekend for a quick getaway. It was good, we stayed for FREE!!! Even better, and had fun. The Cardinals were in town, so it was a bit busy in the city, and there was also a Taylor Swift concert (I secretly wanted to go),,,,but it was fun.

Now, we are planning Tatum's big party. Her official birthday is May 2nd, but her school party and her big party won't be until May 8th and 9th. Saturday, May 9th we will have her HORSE PARTY!!! I am having two mini horses brought in, for her and all her buddies and family, some pizza, cake and ice cream,,,doesn't get much better than that! She is excited. I will post pics of that soon.

Here's to a Happy Monday...

Friday, April 17, 2009

What you talkin bout?

Kids are funny. The things that come out of their mouths are truly interesting. They can be hysterical, whiny, creative, truthful, innocent, INSANE, etc. I know I am biased, but my children are really quite intelligent. I know everyone thinks their kids are great, but sometimes I just have to stop and smile and think, "WOW," God has really blessed me with these amazing little souls.

Ok, onto funny things. I just thought I would share some interesting things that have been said by the mouths of the Rice kids.

And if you know Dalton, you know that he still says his y's for his l' "I yuv u," uook at this, etc.

D: Are you going to extracise now?

T: Don't tickle my arm picks

D: What did you said?

T: Where are my glubs? (gloves)

T: Thank you God for China

D: I on-yee want to wear my Hulk jammies.....they are the on-yee ones I yike

T: I'm not kidding you this

T: I got my eye on ya,,,,

T: I like this boy in 4th grade, he is sooo nice. I don't know his name.

D: (To his mama) When I grow up, I will kiss you and fall in yuv with you and we can get married
Me: Honey, I am married to Daddy.
D: (A bit irritated) I will kiss Tatum and fall in yuv and get married.
Me: You can't honey, she is your sissy.
Me: Dude.

There are so many funny things they do and say. They get so big so fast.

Anyway, hope you all have a great weekend! It's Friday! Dan works all weekend prepping for trial next week, so me and the kids are going to Disney On Ice tomorrow!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

RIP little bunnies

I am truly raising Venus and Mars. On Sunday afternoon, Tatum and Dalton were outside in the backyard really having quite a time investigating. There were rocks to pick up, dirt to move, etc. so I could tell they were very busy and had a LOT of business to discuss out there. About 45 minutes in, I hear Tatum bellowing "THIS IS JUST SO TERRIBLE,,,,,,,IT'S THE MOST HORRIBLE THING EVER.......(crying ensues).....I came down the stairs and she says, "there are dead animals out there".....Um.....what in the? Just so you can visualize this, Tatum is crying now, and Dalton keeps saying "Can I pick up the dead thing mommy? Please mommy, I want to keep the dead animal" Venus and Mars.

Sure enough it was 7 dead baby rabbits, and when I said that to Dan, Tatum just cried even harder "RABBITS??!!! WHAT HAPPENED MOMMY??!"

Dude, I am not on trial here, I have no idea,,,I say, "I don't know honey, but they will all go to heaven" (but for now, this nice plastic bag I have), she says..

"YOU CAN'T put them in that,,,!"

(Dalton) "Are u reayyee reayyee (really really) sure they are dead mommy?"

Luckily none of this drama is nothing two white powdered donuts can't fix (close curtain).

I had fun last week in New Orleans, I went there with my boss for a convention, but it was good. Not my favorite city by any means, but it was cool to get away. I was sure glad to come home though, a LONG day of travel made me so tired I felt sick. Here are some picks.....

ALSO, (it's been awhile since I posted), our Red Hot Night event was spectacular, I will post pics of this too!!!!

Well, we are all heading to the cabin this weekend with the in-laws, so that will be fun. Hope you all have a very happy Easter (in memory of the seven baby bunnies that Tatum has already forgotten about).