Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A shot of courage

After looking into the flu shots this year, I decided it would be best if we all skipped the mist and did the shot. First of all the shot is not a live virus, and I just feel like it's a better choice. To each their own! Nevertheless, much 'shot' talk has been taking place in our house. Tatum was pretty mad about not getting that nose misty stuff, so we'll see how she reacts today when it's game time. Dalton had almost talked himself into everything being okay today. We showed up at his preschool and though he was not his usual happy self, he wasn't crying. We got checked in and walked into the room where the nurses were giving the shots. Two kids in there....screaming.....crap. He looks up at me, tears filling his eyes and he says:


Luckily, I am wizard in the department of distraction. I say, "DALTON, tell them about your halloween costume..I bet NO ONE here would believe how SCARY it is!"

D: "Well....sniff is pretty's actually freaky" (side note...actually is one of his favorite words to date).

Smart assistant nurse brings bag of candy over while shot nurse gets ready to aim.

Aim. Fire. Done.


Dalton: "I WOULDN'T say that DIDN't hurt mommy."

Alas, Dalton loves him some chocolate and the mini twix seemed to comfort the wounds so to speak.

I am much more worried about my drama diva getting her shot today. I am sure I will have more to write about that later.

Monday, October 25, 2010

The Pumpkin Theif

I love fall.....I really love when the air feels crisp and you can sit out and enjoy the fire pit and watch two stinky little people eat smores---! This past weekend we had fun with the Skeleton Scurry, a little run/kid vendor booths/pizza event....Tatum dressed as Lo the Warrior Princess and Dalton went as the 'Unknown Phantom.' The weekend seemed to be going smoothly, until I noticed that the GIANT Green pumpkin gourd Tatum and I had so lovingly picked out the weekend before along with several other unique harvest decorations was jammed like a stake through the heart on a neighbors mailbox...I was sad....then I was MAD....I get it, you are 14 and that is just SO funny, but really it's not and I wanted to grab the little turds and beat them. Of course it was a good learning experience for the kids (eh hem, after I got done saying "I'M GONNA KILL THEM")....we talked about how it's NOT nice to do that to someone else's property, and it's like stealing, etc. They both were VERY sincere about it.....(I know I know.....I am sure they will smash a few pumpkins at some point) but still, it was important to talk to them about why that isn't cool.

In other weekend news....not like anyone DOESN'T know this, but MU upset #1 OU for probably one of the best football games I have ever seen in my LIFE! What a fun game to watch! And now here is where I KNOW I am old...after the game, I thought "WOW,I am SO glad I am not there, I bet that place is insane." And I went to bed.....

A busy week ahead!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Let's try this again...

The frustration of posting a really cool blog only to somehow completely wipe it out is, well, FRUSTRATING!!!! I don't have time to re-cap much, but to say that my brother got married last weekend, and my two sweet babies were quite gorgeous in their duds....they were waited patiently and had so much fun, but as we all were, they were quite ready to go home when it was over. I also got a nice case of pneumonia right in the middle of everything and even though it's a week later, I am still not 100%.....working on it. Here are a couple pics of the kids.