Monday, March 29, 2010

Back for more torture....

It was another torture day of strength training. If you are looking for something that really kicks your butt into shape then do this GTS machine combined with a teacher who is pretty hard core and you will see what I mean. I got there and the ladies were giving me grief because I didn't have much weight on the bar, so they bumped me up and (all in jest of course and I was giving it back to them :) they were saying things like "you are young! Come on add more weight!" I really did a pretty good job, but the a couple of the arm workouts KILL me. My left arm is just not as strong as my right arm, and with sports injuries, dislocated elbows, etc. I struggle with that. It's 30 minutes of intense hard cardio/strength training.

I walked out and my whole body had the shakes, but I guess no pain no gain right? The good news is it's getting nice out and I want to look my best for summer, so I guess this is the way to do it!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I really...really.....really hate to be sick. I also hate when my kids are sick or anyone I know is sick. This weekend started with Tatum getting a fever and then finding out her little buddy Connor (who has diabetes) was rushed to the ER after a day of the flu in a diabetic coma. It was terrifying. I 'started' to feel a little off Saturday night, but didn't think much of it. I went to go visit Connor and his family up on the Peds floor here at Cox, just to check on him. Bless his heart he was so sick. He did smile at me when I walked in, and I could see that he was so weak. They had to put his IV in his neck, his little veins in his arms wouldn't work. After leaving there, I started to REALLY.. REALLY feel bad. Then I felt even worse. What if I was sick and was up there on the PEDS floor? Anyway, I started on my regime of OTC drugs to help my terrible chest cold. I actually slept all day yesterday. I have extreme OCD in some cases and it was killing me to be away from work this close to an event. But I had to make a mature decision. Get better now or later....and I can't afford to be sick later this week! I feel better today. Tatum is better today, and her little buddy Connor went home today. So that is the best news of all.

It's like what Dalton said.... "I know STUPID, isn't a very nice word, but sometimes things are just stupid"

Well, I think germs that make us sick are STUPID.......and I don't care if it's not a nice word :)

I hope everyone out there steers clear of this stupid virus that is going around!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Death by Strength Training

I always thought of myself as somewhat 'strong.' Like I can carry heavier stuff than most chicks, maybe it's that I am just cocky and think I am stronger. Maybe b/c I was very athletic growing up and I have attempted to keep that, not sure but today was the 'torture day.' So many people do the GTS classes and they love them. I really hope I get there.........I do my usual workouts but this is something altogether different. I didn't even add weights today and I am dying. It's 30 minutes of INTENSE EVERYTHING. I can't even explain it, except I think I might have fooled the instructor and she thinks I am 'a natural' or something. I AM NOT. I can barely move, tomorrow and the next day will be worse. I was worried even walking out of the gym to my car. That I would pass out. It's muscles I am CERTAIN should not be used for anything. So I get to the car. Then I start to feel sick, like really it's going to just come flying out of me. I then realize PROBABLY why. For a portion of this time you are basically laying upside down at times and I have terrible motion sickness, so I think that is what caused me to feel sick. I got back to my office, threw up (water), and felt better. Just like if I get motion sick in a car. Same thing, get sick feel better. I know if I continue this class for the next 8 weeks I will look JUST like a gorgeous celebrity, so I guess there is that.......ha!

That MIGHT have happened if I hadn't inhaled a subway like a ravished pig. More later...

Wednesday, March 3, 2010