Monday, August 31, 2009

Superman's Birthday Party

What a great weekend we had! The weather was amazing, and Dalton had the best birthday party ever! We had it at The Discovery Center downtown, and I was very impressed. There was a little room (perfect size) with two long tables and little chairs and plenty of space to put napkins, plates, etc. out for the kiddos. Of course we started off with pizza and juice and then dug into the Superman cake....
Thank you to everyone who came and had fun with us! And thanks so much for the great gifts, we have great friends and family, and so generous!!
I have MANY other great pictures on facebook, if you would like to take a look!!!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Our Angel turns 4

At exactly 8:32 a.m. this morning, my sweet Dalton Patrick turned 4 years old. I can NOT believe it. Time has gone by so fast. I remember every detail. The moment I saw him, how BIG he was, how perfect he was, how sweet he was. He attacked me immediately and started nursing, and as I had fallen in love with Tatum at first sight, I fell in love with him, and as I sit here today, my eyes are filled with tears of love for my angels, but also I have some tears of sadness. I don't think it is a coincidence that Dalton was born (2 weeks early) on the anniversary of my father's death. My dad died August 27th, 1994, and Dalton was born August 27th, 2005.
A day of sadness but also now a day of happiness.

His big party is this weekend, and he can not wait!

Happy Birthday my sweet angel baby.....

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

So much going on.....

I watched this cool movie the other night "Taken" with Liam Neeson.....WOW, it was good. The problem is, I haven't been able to stop thinking how great I would have been in the CIA....oh yes, that is right...running around kicking butt, shooting stuff, wearing crazy clothes to lure in the bad guys.....shooting more stuff, using my kung fu moves to ax someone.....alas I am a fundraiser....not NEARLY as much action, but oh well.

Moving on, Tatum starts 1st grade tomorrow, AND SHE IS SO EXCITED. We met her teacher today and she is all ready to go. One problem, she has her dress picked out and tomorrow is PE day, well screw that, she is just bringing her shoes to change into, a lady doesn't get a 1st day at 1st grade but once, and she is going to be all glammed out. We brought the teacher some flowers (I know, what a kiss up) and then I also bought tons of glue sticks, I guess they never have enough. But tomorrow, we will bring all our supplies and start our new experience. She talked and talked on the way over today about how great it will be to have music, and technology, and art again. I am so proud of her and how much she LOVES school.

Dalton. He will be 4 a week from tomorrow. Doesn't seem possible. His Super Hero party will be at the Discovery Center and he will be dressed at SuperMan, he can NOT wait. Every night before bed he just giggles to himself with anticipation.

I have been running and working out quite a bit, but to my total horror, I haven't lost any weight. I just want to look like a STUD, so I am still working on it.

Happy HUMP day.......

Monday, August 3, 2009

Am I dreaming this?

Wasn't there a tv show in the 80's or 90's called THIRTY SOMETHING????!!!!! I was just sitting here and laughing to myself after some dancing that we did the other night with friends and how even though I still 'BROUGHT IT' eh hem......that it HUUURT much more the next day than I ever remembered hurting after busting a move.

Shawty got LOW.

Anyway, I will probably have to google this now, this "Thirty Something" but I don't think I am making it up.

I might even have to google 'Alf' to see if that is just a horrible memory or if I made that one up too.