Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Oh crap, was that today?

One of my co-workers sent forwarded me an email that I just laughed so hard that I can't get it out of my mind. It's a picture of two dinosaurs on the shore and Noah and his ARK have sailed on into the distance, and the caption from one of the dinosaurs is: "Oh crap, was that today?"

It is PERFECT. It is my life in fact. Okay, for one thing, I have to brag and say with everything going on, I rarely forget anything BIG....knock on wood. That said, I have several 'oh crap that was today' moments.

I awoke to the sound of Tatum in the bathroom. She is 6 now, and well, she likes to take a nice hot shower in the morning----this child has been up at the crack of dawn since the very beginning. SO I hear her talking to her daddy in there saying that today WAS in fact 'wear your school shirt day' and her shirt was red with white letters, but she couldn't bring herself to wear her black long sleeve shirt underneath it! AHA! I jumped up and walked in and said,

"I BOUGHT YOU A NEW long sleeve white shirt on Sunday!!" I so rocked for remembering that one. :)

This morning I took Dalton to get his flu shot. But I did NOT say anything about it. NO need to fret for an entire hour before it happens. So we pull up and he says very happily, "OH MOMMY, do I have an ear infection? Strep throat? Fever?"

I said no, he just kept on walking happily with me. Then we get in and fill out the information, and he goes nicely over to the nurse, whom I happen to know too. She asks him his name, and how old he is:

"Dalton Patrick Rice, and I just turned 4"

She says which arm, and then asks to see his strong mucscles. HE SMILED and said "SURE!!"

Then she looked at me as he sat on my lap and picked out his candy and I nodded to just DO THIS THING!!! Wow, she said, you are brave and she stuck him. He didn't even flinch. He sat there, everyone roared with applause (okay people clapped), and the nurse announced he was probably the bravest boy she had ever seen.

Dalton is NOT a humble child, he knows quite well he is cute and brave, he moonlights as a super hero for crying out loud!!!

Well after that he chats non-stop

"I KNOW I was brave, it still was a shot though, mommy, did you see it? I rea--yee big one, and I was so good, so good. Mommy can I have pancakes and eggies? I know how we make chocolate milk, we take milk and put brown sugar in it, and shake it as hard as we can, that's how mommy...mommy, do you like shots? Mommy, did you cry when you had a shot? Mommy can we call Tatum and tell her I had a shot and didn't cry at ALL? Mommy can I have pancakes and eggies? (insert that one 4 times).

What a kid.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Sick? I'm not sick....I am NOT SICK.

I am sick. I have this weird thing about me, it's the I-don't-get-sick-like-the-rest-of-you-people,,,,thing. It's totally cocky, and well guess what, I GUESS I DO GET SICK, B/C THIS WEEK has been HORRIBLE. It started last week with Tatum getting strep and bronchitis, then it just got worse. Going out didn't help either on Saturday, but once again, I laugh in the general DI-REC-TION of sick ahahahaha......the last laugh was on me this time. Cuz I got SICK.

No, I don't have the swine, penguin, dog, parrot or beta flu. This thing started as the tightness in your chest, then the horrible nasty cough, headache, eye aches, sinus aches, body aches, that sent me to the Dr., to determine that I had a severe sinus infection, two ear infection (what the?), and bronchitis. She kept temping me, and although my temperature was a lowly 97.7, she couldn't believe it, and also that I was walking upright and making conversation. She said it was my youth (I almost french kissed her for saying that).....kidding,,,,,,and the fact that I was in good shape (arguable at this point), that had prevented me from basically being in the hospital.

That was Tuesday. I had just come off a LONG day after a BIG event on Monday, and off I went to Walgreens. A LOT of $$$ later, my bag was filled with generic this and antibiotic that......HOLY CROW, I was thinking, I am going to end up like Michael Jackson, or River Phoenix, or WORSE....Heath Ledger, if I take all this stuff. But I took what I was supposed to,,,and then I coughed. And felt worse.

Wednesday....no better, Dalton has strep throat now (but somehow feels just FINE), so I awake to quite a sight. Dan has LEFT ME ALONE WITH THIS MAD SCIENTIST,,,aka DALTON. Dan headed off early to work and took Tatum with him, leaving Disaster Patrick Rice, (also the love of my life), alone to 'HELP' his mama. Or so those were his instructions when last his father left him. Here is what I do know:
1.) He knew 'mommy is sick' so take care of her. So, he sprang into action.
A.) He went to the play room, quickly took off all his clothes (General Hospital?), and put on his doctor's jacket. Then quickly grabbed his dr. kit, he had a sick patient for crying out LOUD!! --Very sick I might add.
2.) I awake to him rolling me over on my back (college) hee hee....and strandling me.
I just did what he said, I was THAT tired and worn out to fight him. He shot me here and thumped me there, and pushed me and pulled me, I felt like Maverick in Top Gun during round one of flight school.

Somehow the attack stopped, he mumbled that I needed to go to the hospital straight away, and that 'This looks really bad.' Then Dr. Dalton got bored and moved on to the next thing. Which was the game Battleship...ALL OVER ME AND MY bed. I got up, dazed and hazed and coughing up actual parts of what I swear HAD to be part of my lungs, and we got dressed and played to the best of my ability.

Convincing him of a nap was not easy, but I fell asleep before him in his bed and he finally did get a bit of a nap. That was a long night!!!! I am still coughing, it's getting OLD FAST, but okay I am humbled to the fact that I too can get this sick. I might just even start taking those vitamins a little bit more regularly. Because I have found that NOT having a voice makes it really hard to yell at your kids like you should :) Ha! Thank goodness it is Friday. A word to the wise, wash your hands and lysol the crap out of everything you have, you do NOT want what I just had.
Here are some pictures of Dalton from school. It's like, are you kidding me? What a pimp!