Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Oh nuts.

I know I am weird. I just don't dig hot hot weather. I am great with summer in the beginning, but by mid-July I have checked out of the 100 degree weather. Fall is my favorite time of the year, granted with global warming it certainly seems that we almost go from HOT summer to COLD winter without seeing much of Mr. Fall.....but those few weeks he is here are oh so wonderful. Pumpkins, Halloween, long boots, and sweathers OH MY!!!! Puts this girl in a great mood. I love to wake up, walk outside and take a deep breathe of crisp fall air. Not too mention blasting up that fire pit outside! So, the weather seems to be heading in that direction and so many other things are happening at the Rice's almost too much to even mention! Everyone is doing well for the most part...

I usually include some 'kid' stories, b/c quite frankly they are so funny and I feel like if I don't write about them, I will forget! The latest OBSESSION in our house primarily with Dalton is his Halloween costume. He is going as the 'lost phantom' or something freakishly dark and disturbing this year....Tatum is going as 'lo' Perseus' love in Clash of the Titans... this was the conversation in the car this weekend:

Dalton: Mommy..Daddy...hey guys??!! Why can't kids trick or treat by themselves? Alone and stuff?

Us: Because you are too little and someone could take you don't do anything like that without mom and dad around...or an adult that you know.

Tatum: I would scream and run away if someone tried to take me!

Dalton: I would Kon Fu them (Kung Fu) and hi-----yaaaaa them!

Tatum: I would kick them in the nuts.

Us: Looking at each other in dismay and trying not to laugh and realizing they both had NO idea what that means b/c they weren't laughing at all.

I sat there and thought, do I tell her not to say that again when she doens't know what it means? I am sure she heard it at school,,,and my next thought was..nope, when push comes to shove, a good kick in the nuts to a 'bad guy' isn't so bad after all!!!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Going Organic

I think we all know that eating organic would be the ideal--fruits, veggies, meats, everything void of pesticides and crazy antibiotics. Lately, I have tried to make even better choices for our family meals and snacks. Like making buffalo burgers (much healthier and so delicious), pad thai with gluten free tofu, organic sprays instead of tons of olive oil, etc. Unfortunately going organic also means a hit to the pocket book. For example, the buffalo meat from Mama Jean's was appr. 3 times the price of it's ugly step sister ground beef! I also made this fantastic sandwich the other night! Focaccia bread thinly sliced down the middle, light brushed with olive oil and put on the grill, then 3 whole red peppers lightly dusted and grilled whole, egg plant, goat cheese and a garlic spread lead to a tasty finish! I am loving to cook (when I can) and try out new recipes. It is cool to make food FRESH...and I like that Tatum can't wait to have sushi with miso soup tonight(because she loves the kale and tofu in it!) What are some of your favorite dishes?