Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Keeping Up with the Rices

I really hate myself for being such a piss poor blogger. I had wonderful intentions the first couple of years with this blog and did a 'fair' job I guess on updating it....the truth is, it's mostly for me, since no one else ever reads it---alas I have fallen short. Since my last post, there have been many developments in our lives. Most newsworth would be that we are expecting a little boy in early spring!!!! We are very blessed with this, and are all very excited. It's not our first rodeo so to speak, so we know what to expect, but even so many changes will be upon our family!

Baby Rice is by FAR the most active of all the rice babies---it's like he hasn't stopped moving, shaking, dancing, whatever it is he is doing--! since I felt him for the first time. If I am hungry, he is VERY active, I think he is getting us prepared for the FOOD NOW days. I am almost 25 weeks along, and up until just this week, haven't had much to report. However, it seems as though I have 'popped' as they say. The belly is very much out there, and simple things like putting socks and shoes on are a little more tricky.....and will be even more in a couple more months.

I gained a LOT of weight with both Tatum and Dalton. What is a lot? Try 86 pounds with her and 65 with him....yup, I gained a 7th and 5th grader respectively. This was NOT good. I have been more determined this time to make sure this isn't repeated. The first trimester had ups and downs; yes, I felt nauseous sometimes, and yes there was some rushing to the bathroom. So far the 2nd trimester has been better with the pukes.

I continue to be AMAZED when this little guy moves all over! It is such a miracle.

Tatum and Dalton are rocking along quite nicely. Doing wonderfully in school, and just all around great kids, we are very lucky (we do, have a part in this luck, since kids don't raise themselves, and let's face it, we all know MANY kids probably who are miserable to be around). They are both excited to see baby Rice in spring. They like to feel him move and talk to him.

Dan is, OF COURSE, wonderful. He is so supportive, and although it probably makes most women want to gag with a spoon, he does SO much all the time, without ever complaining. Yes, I know I am very lucky.

Work is still going strong. I am still at the CoxHealth Foundation. I have had full intentions of returning to work after the baby comes, but I have decided to not make any decisions 100% at this time. I am easily the most OCD control freak I know, and I want to have everything down to a T marked off my list and always be set and ready for every little curve life brings. I think after almost 10 years of running and gunning at an insane pace, without any time off of work EVER hardly, I might need to slow down and bit and smell the roses. With that said, I am not a stay at home mom 100% of the time. Ideally, I would love to work part-time. These are things I need to think about, pray about, and trust that the best for our family will happen in it's own good time. (Easier said then done for this OCD chick).

In the mean time, I am trying to peck away at my 'baby needs' list. Wow, I know everyone says it but you do forget that you need the essentials and I had long ago given away all my baby stuff. Where is that wealthy friend who just had a baby and wants to 'give' me stuff for free!!!!

That is all for now....and I am promising myself to get back to blogging more regularly!

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