Friday, March 2, 2012

Counting Down.....

As I sit here, with a squirmy baby wiggling all over, I am attempting to take a deep breath. This is not easy when you have a 5-6 pound (at least) little renter who continues to take up more room and deplete your lung capacity! And I could not be happier that he is in there. I just hope he stays for at least a few more weeks. Everyone says this, but it really is true that in some ways you feel like you are pregnant FOREVER, and in others, I feel like it was truly just yesterday that the test turned bright blue... :) Every Friday my 'pregnancy' week changes, so like today I am officially 35 weeks pregnant. I look at this as a milestone, because I think it's one week longer that baby Rice has stayed put in his place and is continuing to grow and gain weight, strength and be even more prepared for the world. I am also pretty proud that I am still standing upright! Work has been even more demanding than ever, and since I already put a LOT of pressure on myself, I am happy to say I am still hanging in there. Baby's room is ready to go, I think (I hope) I have what we need for him when he gets here.

I will say that both Tatum and Dalton NEVER moved and wiggled nearly as much as this little one. He is all OVER the place! I think the thing that is most amazing is how he absolutely can hear us talk to him, and how he is already responding to our voices. I am in awe of what our bodies are capable of; growing a baby for almost a year!

Both Tatum and Dalton are excited to meet baby. I am so lucky to have such amazing little people like them. Every day I love them more if that is even possible. They are SO good. I know that this will be an adjustment for all of us, but I am hoping that we can work together and make it as easy as can be expected. I want both of them to know ALWAYS that they are so unique and special, and baby M will just be another wonderful addition to the Rice Family.

Work continues on, for now, I am FOR SURE taking as much time as I can and have accrued to be paid for, which is currently 10.5--almost 11 weeks. I am praying now that God will help me adjust to what is next up....because I KNOW myself well enough to know that I am not a stay at home mother, HOWEVER, I also am sick at my stomach thinking of taking my angel baby to daycare when he is so little. There is really no great solution. So I have tried to prepare in the best way I can and we will just see how it goes. Just take a deep breath...wait, I can't.

I am very lucky that I have THE VERY BEST FRIEND in the world always by my side going through this adventure with me, and for that I am so lucky. No one compares to Dan, and gag yourself right now if you want to, but he helps me with everything, THANK GOD for him.

So the deal is,,,I am going to have a BABY probably this month! And MOST likely unless I win the lottery and decide to adopt, this will be our last baby Rice, so I am enjoying the anticipation of it all. I am praying for a healthy little boy, and a healthy mama too. I also SERIOUSLY hope that epidural does EVERYTHING it's supposed to do. I have been trying to block out that part, but now that the weeks are becoming days, I am starting to ponder the labor, delivery and recovery.

Here is to NEW adventures around the corner with baby and family! And sushi,,,,,,and all those naughty cheeses.......and wine, and skinny-er? jeans, and normal bras, deep breaths, and holding and smelling that sweet baby. I'll keep you posted.

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