Monday, March 19, 2012

Rainy March Monday

Sure, no one wants a flood, or to have their basement leak, etc. I know that, I get that. I remember growing up and our basement would flood, and there would be a mess and so NO, flooding would be bad. BUT, I do LOVE rain. I love the way it cleans the air and the way it sounds and how it makes all the plants and grass (in our case weeds) so green and alive, etc!!! The rain really calms me, and on this Monday, 37 weeks pregnant with baby boy, I welcome the change in weather! My status is that I have had many irregular contractions over that past few weeks, but they are fairly strong, some more than others, so I wasn't too surprised at my Dr. appt. this past Friday when she checked me and I was a solid 3 cm dilated and 80% effaced. My having babies history is that they were both born a little early (37 weeks for T and 38 weeks at D), so where as many women are 'SO READY TO HAVE THIS KID NOW!' my entire pregnancy has been about making it to the safe finish line, safe for baby that is. According to all medical guidelines, babies are considered full-term at 37 weeks, however, I THINK, that the more time in there, the better off they are, unless there is something else going on, like hypertension, gestational diabetes, etc. So I was a little surprised when Dr. said we could go ahead and strip the membranes Tuesday and have that baby probably fairly quickly. Tuesday as in tomorrow. I am trying to re-schedule my appt. for Thursday or Friday. The downside is my Dr. will only be available through Friday, then she is gone next week, so that means I would just have to take whoever was on call over the weekend or next week. I would really like MY OB to deliver baby Rice, but... I think I am going to ask that we NOT do much right now, and let baby come when he is ready. I highly doubt with this being #3, and with all the contractions I have had, and the fact I am already dilated that I will go another full two weeks. Or one week...who knows. I am just praying for a healthy, baby boy and a healthy ME...! I will post again as soon as I know something :)

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