Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Sick and tired of sick and tired!

If I were to go back one year ago, I would never guess all the changes that one little year could possibly bring. Most obviously, baby Maddox who joined us in April last year. He has completed our hearts with every smile/blow out diaper he delivers daily! Then of course, we moved in October. There was a lot to consider, but in the end we did it. I can't lie, it was not easy!! So much to think about; really the thing we were both concerned with is the kids and their transition. Dalton was oddly emotional before the move, Tatum was NOT. However they both did a 180 once we got here. She was very unsure for a couple months, and D seemed to completely roll with it all. Only in the last few weeks has she seemed to really settle in and it has helped with some new friends! The school here in Bentonville is a 'blue ribbon' school. Althought the school in Ozark, MO was wonderful, this school is farther along in its curriculum for the kids. They move faster, and expect more from the students. For the most part, this is all very good for the Tatum and Dalton.

We also have started them in some other activities. Tatum is taking horse riding lessons and LOVES it, Dalton is doing Tae Kwon Do, and likes it a lot too; more sports in the spring will follow. Our biggest obstacle has been sickness! Literally someone has been ill in this house just about every week since we moved. I had no idea I would be visiting the pediatrician as much as we have!

Dan loves his new job with Walmart; he is a privacy attorney and is daily fascinated with everything that goes into working for the biggest company in the world! I am home right now with baby...contemplating going back to work. It's never an easy choice, but whatever is best will be, I have to just keep telling myself this daily :)

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